Welcome to METAL MASSAGE Detailing!

METAL MASSAGE is an automotive day spa and reconditioning boutique operating in Jefferson, Ohio. We have been transforming vehicles with our professional car cleaning and detailing services since 2004.

After 15 years of providing high quality services to our clients, Metal Massage is still in the same place, has the same name, same phone number, same ownership, same management, and the same services.

This consistency has allowed us to build a solid foundation. Over the years, this sturdy base of communication and services has provided us the opportunity to develop advances to our already revolutionary techniques. 

"Not just a Shop, Vac, and a toothbrush," we are equipped to tackle a variety of reconditioning projects you may have! If you need it cleaned, we will use our state of the art equipment.

At Metal Massage, it is about the quality of details, not quantity! 

Call Today for Appointment: 440.576.3572