Full Detail Package:

Our facilities provide numerous washing options for discerning car owners:

The Full Detail Package includes the services from both the Interior Package and the Exterior Package

See the packages below.

There is a price break for the Full Detail Package due to the overlap in services.


Price depends on Size and Condition of Vehicle

For a FREE Estimate please stop in so we can assess your specific needs.


Interior Only Detail Package



Vacuum Interior

Seat Removal (Where Applicable)

Spot Assessment

Stain Pre-Treatment

Upholstery Shampoo, Steam Clean, & Extraction

Carpet Shampoo, Steam Clean, & Extraction

Mats Shampoo, Steam Clean, & Extraction

Ventilation Antibacterial Treatment

Interior Window Cleaning

Stain Guard Application

Trunk & Compartment Vacuum

Nook & Cranny Cleaning

Leather Conditioning

Door Jam Degrease

Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizing

Exterior Rinse

Exterior Only Detail Package



Exterior Wash

Acid/Alkaline Bath (Where Applicable)

Door Jam Degrease

Trunk & Hood Cowl Degrease

Fender Well Degrease

Paint Defect Assessment

Clay Bar Surface Preparation

High Speed Polish

Acrylic Sealant Application

Carnauba Wax (Where Applicable)

Exterior Window Cleaning

Wheel/Rim Polishing

Tire Protectant

Vinyl, Cladding, & Rubber Treatment

Chrome Polishing


Additional Charges:


(Must be estimated before work commences)

Vehicle Transport

Customer pickup/delivery

Smoking, Dog Hair, Dirt Road, Salt

Car Seats, Mats, Seat Covers

Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural Use

Tickle, Industrial Fallout, Acid Rain

Biologicals: Milk, Blood, Feces, Vomit

Upholstery and Headliner Repair

Aluminum, Chrome, Cladding

Caps, Canopies, Bras, Decals

Motor Steaming

Paint Touch-up

Tar, Bridge Paint, Oxide,

Windshield Chips, Odor Removal

Chassis Flush & Undercoating

Special Services:


  Motorcycles, Boats, RV's, Trailers

Semi's and Tractor Trailers

“For Sale” Detail Packages

Lease Turn-In Packages

“Put Away” Packages

Winterization Packages

Fleet Discounts

Commercial Discounts

Dealership Discounts

Mobile Detailing

House Restoration

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Walk-In Services


Hand Wash

Our workers gently clean your car with shampoo and soft foam.  Thorough cleaning of car exterior with soft cloths and mild chemicals. No abrasives or poly type brushes. 

A La Carte

Aquapel Windshield Treatment 

Window Cleaning

Stain Removal

Odor Treatment

Motor Steaming

Paint Touch-Up*

Headlight Restoration

Walk-in Services, first come first served basis and subject to availability

*Please provide your paint touch-up paint